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A little throwback to Language of Flowers... (a comic I used to write in high school) Anyways, that's Dusan, notorious loser and also Knights mascot. He was also in the first chapter for like 2 seconds.

Anyways! Here are the results of the character poll (507 responses right now):

1st Favorite: Teddy
2nd Favorite: Vincent
3rd Favorite: Louis

I'm really surprised/happy that Teddy is pretty well-liked! Thanks for your time in filling that out, you guys. I'd also like to thank you all for your comments on last week's page - it really made me smile to see everyone responding to it!

So this week, lets have a little fun! Despite being a main character, I somehow neglected to ever decide on a last name for Louis, and I'm having a lot of trouble find the perfect one. So, I decided to have a little contest... give me some suggestions for his last name! If I pick one of the names you suggest, you'll get some kind of prize - I haven't really decided what yet though, so if you have a suggestion let me know in the form!

****Here it is, the LOUIS LAST NAME CONTEST!

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