Chapter "0"
This was the original Chapter 1 of BFF. I never really liked it - in my opinion it's something like a weird, low-budget pilot episode - so I deleted it from the main comic. There's no real plot events in this chapter so its deletion doesn't change the story whatsoever. But it's still funny to look back on, so here it is!

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Guest Comic: Tunnel of Love
Lauren Zukauskas, author of Rachael and Penny, drew this super cute + funny guest comic for me back when I really needed it. I love it!!

Halloween with Cyril (PG13)
A sketch-comic about how Cyril and Louis met before going to Vincent's birthday (Chapter 11) together. Warning: the characters talk about drugs and sex in this one (it is Louis, after-all!) Cyril is originally from my friend's comic Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet.

Skinny Little Freak
Mini-comic about Vincent and Teddy in middle school - Teddy responds to being bullied with a plan for the two of them to get buff. You can purchase this mini on Gumroad.

Super Halloween
Sketch mini about Andre's quest for the perfect group Halloween costume... and how it goes wrong.

The Rumor
Sketch mini about the rumor Teddy spread to get the guys dumped by their dates in Chapter 9...

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